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You Are Not Your User

It’s really easy to believe that everyone else is like you. They aren’t. Everyone tends to do it. It takes a conscious effort to not do it. I mean, you are a rational person. You believe everything you believe and … Continue reading

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How To Convert An Existing Site To WordPress

I will attempt to explain how to convert an existing site into WordPress. I wrote previously about converting a client’s site from old school tables to a CSS based WordPress theme at http://www.flowerart.biz. I think this should work for Frontpage … Continue reading

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How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO should be free. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. How much it costs will depend on how optimized you want it to be. Nothing in SEO costs any money, only time. You should learn what the techniques are and … Continue reading

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Art and Money

I visited “The New and Native Beauty: The Art and Craft of Greene and Greene” at the Huntington Library today. It was a rainy day, but the exhibit closes in 2 days, so this was our last chance. The rain … Continue reading

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The Role of Design in Modern Church Marketing [Design Principles]

Quoting from The Role of Design in Modern Church Marketing [Design Principles] Yet the recent image makeover of churches is unpalatable for some. In 2006, Pastor John MacArthur published a popular article (“Grunge Christianity?”) condemning modern churches that trade sanctity … Continue reading

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Read Your Analytics Stats

I was walking a client through his Analytics stats yesterday, explaining what each page, each section meant. I asked him if he ever looked at these since we set them up. He looks at them as much as you do, … Continue reading

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WordPress Sermons Plugin

This is an amazing plug in. I wish I had known about it a couple years ago. It would have saved me a bunch of time and effort. Check it out. Quoting from WordPress Sermons Plugin :: 4:14 evangelical christian … Continue reading

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Get To The Point

If you want people to read your stuff, you should be clear and succinct. Get to the point. People are not up for reading a book, so make it quick. Quoting from adn.com | Church visits : Guest Blog -Top … Continue reading

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Penn Jillette Video

I’ve always liked Penn Jillette. He’s my age and I’ve liked his sense of irony and wit in his stage shows and in interviews. He’s always stuck me as someone who is very intelligent and thoughtful, which is a rare … Continue reading

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Half Of All Churches Do NOT Have A Web Site!

Half of all churches in America today do NOT have a web site. Half! What excuse is there for that? This article below is quoting a Duke University survey to make the point that the church has caught up with … Continue reading

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