The Best Part Of Third Grade

The best part of third grade is recess.

The best part of third grade is recess.

With this house deal about done, I’ll be taking a break from “Untangling The Web” for a while.

It will probably be two or three months before I get back into the groove of writing weekly blog posts.

Old Articles

I know you’ll miss me, but I’m sure you’ll be tough enough to make it through the night.

Maybe I’ll post links each week to old articles you may have missed.

Floating Ideas

I’ve got a lot of ideas floating around in my head.

I think the time away might allow them to blossom into great, new ways to help you make more money from your business.

I’d love to hear what you are thinking.

I want to know how I can best help you.

What is your biggest problem?

What is your biggest question?

What is your biggest need?

Please click here to send me an email and tell me.

My break is from writing, not from reading email.

Your ideas, mixed into my ideas, might make some pretty good soup.

See you in September.

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Want Me To Set Up WordPress For You? FOR FREE?

Free Offer

I just added a new offer to the end of this article that I wrote about a year and a half ago: How Much Does WordPress Really Cost?

Before I describe the offer, where I set up WordPress for you for free if you use my affiliate link and buy the web hosting from the web hosting company that I use and recommend, oh… wait… that was the offer.

OK. You can click on that link and go read the details now if you’re so impatient, Mr. Smarty Pants.

Tip: Take advantage of deals when you find them.

Random Chance

As I was saying, I want to tell you a story about that page.

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Lost Opportunities

We are in the middle of selling a house that my wife inherited. We’ll have a bucket of money when escrow closes.

Prescott View

This is the view from the lot we want to buy and build a house on. Who wouldn't want to live here? This is amazing!

We’ve always dreamed of moving to Prescott, AZ.

We vacation there a lot and houses are (relative to CA) cheaper there.

Our plan was to pay off our house here and buy a house there, so we would have two houses.

That has been the plan since forever.

Change In Plan

Until I had lunch with a friend last week.

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Just How Stupid Do You Think Your Customers Are?

Are they pretty smart? Do you attract a higher class of customer?

Are they not bright? Do they make common mistakes?

Well, the reality is that they are stupider than you think.

They’re idiots.


I was recently working on getting “coupons” to work for a client’s ecommerce site.

I had to do some research on a specific technical issue on the WP-eCommerce site.

The latest blog post there said “We’re updating the coupon system, so if you have any requests about how we should improve the coupon system, let us know in the comments below!”

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The 10 Most Deadly Mistakes That Can Crush Your Online Business

1. You Don’t Use A Domain Name

Starting out, most people are not aware of the technical issues involved with setting up a domain name or a web site. It’s easy to get started using a service with an established company.

Definition: URL is Universal Resource Locator. Think of it as the address or location of the web site. It defines exactly where the web site is located.

If you use Etsy, your store is located at

If you use, then your web site is located at

Blogger and some other sites will use as the URL to your site.

Your option is to register and use your won domain name. Some services allow you to use your own domain name on their server. Some don’t

Danger: If you are not using your own domain name, then you are relying on someone else for the identity and location of your web presence. If they go out of business or change a policy, your entire web presence could disappear.

Precaution: Own your own domain name. GoDaddy is cheap and reliable.

2. You Don’t Own Your Domain Name

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You’re Not Too Old For Social Media, You’re Just Lazy

I finally got my wife to create a FaceBook account. She stayed away for years.

Now, she checks it first thing every morning, before she gets out of bed.

It has nothing to do with age.

I’m 55. I’ve been building web sites for 15 years. I can hand code a complete web site from scratch if I wanted to, then configure the DNS, add the .htaccess rules, and write the SQL to input content to the database, which I created manually.

Fear and being lazy. No excuses.

It’s time to debunk the myth. You are not too old to use social media. Pretending that you are is the equivalent of blaming the recession for why you’ve been unemployed for two years. It’s an excuse and it’s a bad one at that.

Just because you’re not familiar with a new technology, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a benefit or that you shouldn’t pick it up. Learning and growing and mastering new skills is what we do as humans. It’s what we’ve always done.

You weren’t born knowing how to use language and form sentences, but you learned.
You didn’t know how to drive a car, but you learned.
You didn’t know how to type and/or use a computer, but you learned.
You learned by doing it and practicing it. You learned because it moved you forward. I’d hate to see where we’d be today if the cavemen wrote off fire as “shiny and useless”.

If you want to learn social media, you need to stop talking and start doing. Using your age as an excuse just sets you further and further behind the curve.

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How To Select SEO Keywords

Have you ever wondered how to select keywords that will get you the most traffic with the least effort?

It’s the one SEO issue causes the most confusion and the most questions.

Here is the step by step method that I use. I’ll walk through the general process first, then work through an example.

Balancing Traffic and Competition

Lots of people search for keywords using search engines. Lots of web site owners create content on web sites. The search engines try to match them up.

The problem that we’re going to solve is finding the balance between general keywords that are too broad and everyone looks for, and narrow keywords that are specific, but no one looks for.

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The Technium: Born Digital

Another friend had a barely-speaking toddler take over his iPad. She could paint and handle complicated tasks on apps with ease and grace almost before she could walk. It is now sort of her iPad. One day he printed out a high resolution image on photo paper and left it on the coffee table. He noticed his toddler come up to up and try to unpinch the photo to make it larger, like you do on an iPad. She tried it a few times, without success, and looked over to him and said “broken.”

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You Are Not Alone

A couple weeks ago, CopyBlogger had a post titled “The 4 Words That Will Get Your Email Opened.”

Those 4 words are “You Are Not Alone.”

Seems that the desire to belong, to connect with other people, is a strong, universal emotion that we all share.

The Missing Piece

That got me thinking. I enjoyed doing the webinar a couple weeks ago with Eugen.

We both talked on the phone, with each other, while everyone could hear what we said.

The missing piece for me, was the feedback, the connection to everyone else on the call.

The Conference Call

As an experiment, just to see what would happen, I set up a conference call a couple weeks ago and sent invitations to everybody on the newsletter mailing list.

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5 Ways to Look for Google Love in All the Right Places

I wrote a guest post for Big Brand Systems. Please click through to read it. Thanks, Pamela!

5 Simple Ways to Look for Google Love in All the Right Places
By Conrad Walton

I’m very happy to feature a guest post from Conrad Walton on the blog this week. Conrad helps people get their sites found by search engines by helping them with SEO — Search Engine Optimization. In today’s post, he shares his top tips for making your website stand out. If you still have questions after reading this post, let him know in the comments. –Pamela Wilson

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