How To Create Your Own Online Store Was Dying

Google killed my site at with some of their changes.

Moved from positon 2 on the first page to page six.

The Survivor TV show was on the decline anyway.

(Yes, it’s still on TV, Weds. at 8pm. and I still love it.)

I made a ton of money on advertising on that site, but the party was over.

I had to come up with a new use for the domain name, a new way to make money from it.

I started thinking about what relates to the word “survivor”.

Cancer Survivor?

There was “cancer survivor”, and I really considered doing a support site, making money from advertising.

I’ve lost a couple people in my life to cancer, so I wasn’t thrilled with that idea, as much as I’d like to support them.

Then, in a random conversation with a stranger, the idea of “prepping” came up.

Preppers are the guys who build bunkers in the wilderness in preparation for the End Of The World As We Know It, or the coming Apocalypse.

Those guys are crazy.

Saved By The Zombie Apocalypse!

Living near Los Angeles, I have lived through more than my share of earthquakes and a couple of riots. I’ve seen blackouts for various reasons.

I think that it’s reasonable to be prepared for a small emergency, something like 3 days worth, maybe 3 weeks worth.

Nothing wrong with having some water and food stashed away or having a bag of goodies that will keep you alive during hurricane Sandy, right?

If you read the government web sites, they will warn you about various emergency situations and those are perfectly reasonable to prepare for.

Flashlights? First aid kits? Tools?

Those are not crazy things to have ready.

So, I’ll set up an online store and sell emergency preparation supplies!

I want to position it for reasonable people, taking reasonable precautions.

We’re not crazy and we won’t cater to the crazy preppers. (There are already enough of those sites.)

Click here to see the new

How To Do It

I want you to watch me set this store up and try to make it work. I want you to see the trouble, the failures, and the successes.

Here’s an overview of the steps to follow to create your own online store.

1. Buy web hosting.

You’ll need your own web host that you can control. There are lots of web hosts and they are really cheap these days. I recommend PowWeb. I’ve used them for years and they’ve treated me really well. I’m very happy with them.

Click here to get web hosting from PowWeb for cheap.

2. Install WordPress.

This can be difficult or easy. Most web hosts have an easy installation of WordPress in your control panel. Lots of online resources. I might even do it for you for a small fee.

Click here to get WordPress for free.

3. Install WPeCommerce.

This is an easy to use plug in. It’s free and it works. When you get into some more complex situations, you may have soem trouble, but for the most part, it’ll work fine for you.

Click here to get WPeCommerce for free.

4. Set Up PayPal Payments Standard.

You probably already have PayPal, but you’ll need to upgrade it to a PayPal Payments Standard account. That lets you accept credit cards. It costs a bit for each transaction, but it’s the cheapest way to do it, unless you’re selling more than a few thousand dollars a month. I have both the business account and my personal account for buying stuff from Etsy…

Click here to get PayPal Payments Standard account for cheap.

5. Input Your Products.

You’ll have to photograph and describe each of your products. All of that information needs to be input into the store.


The reality is that each of these steps is really easy for me, because I’m a web developer.

I’ve done them all too many times.

Each of these steps has a set of steps in itself.

Some might be really easy. Some might be really hard.

It all depends on what you know and what you are willing to learn.

I’d like to hear your comments on which of these steps is hard.

I’ll write detailed instructions for each of these steps in the future, based on your feedback.

30% Off Bonus For You!

Since I’m just starting out, I want you to check out my site and tell me what I should improve. What do you not like about it?

Extra points for telling me about the photos…

Please use the contact us form to tell me, or use the comments below.

Here’s the best part; if you want to buy something from the site, and since you read my blog, here’s a coupon code that will get you 30% off anything and everything in the store.

30% off coupon: blogreader30

It’s good through December 21, 2012, (which, as you know, the Mayans tell us is the End Of The World As We Know It…)

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