SEO is Dead! Long Live SEO!
or How To Fix Your SEO


There have been a lot of changes in my life in the last year and a half, but there have been even more changes in the world of SEO.

Is SEO still worth learning about?

Yes, but first, let’s talk about me…

We’ve been having work done on our cabin in Arizona by a contractor.

My hatred for contractors has not diminished.

Contractors and used car salesmen.

We did find a good contractor in the end, but it was like watching reality TV shows.

You gotta watch a lot of Honey Boo Boo before you find Deadliest Catch.

It’s taken up all of my emotional energy for the last 6 months, managing the project from another state.

No decks yet. The exterior isn’t all painted, but I can take a shower and the doors lock.

The heat works.

I must say that just sitting in the cabin, looking out at the trees, in silence, is an amazing experience.

It’s one that I’m not used to, living near Los Angeles.

We really love our cabin.

Now that I’m getting over that project, it’s time to turn back to what I love, writing this blog and teaching.

What Happened To SEO?

Over a year ago, my Survivor “fan site”, at, just died in the search engine results.

Overnight, it went from #2 on the first page to somewhere on page 6.

Traffic plummeted.

What happened?

Well, Google implemented a couple algorithms changes, named Panda, and then Penguin. was killed by the Panda.

It seems that the “exact domain name match” was taken away.

That hurt me the most.

It also seems that they really devalued sites with duplicate copy from other sites.

If the site wasn’t deep with original content, then it wasn’t as valuable.

My site mostly quoted, then linked to other sites that had the content on them.

People came to my site to find out what everyone else was saying.

Google doesn’t like that any more. They want a lot of original content, with good, solid information in it.

They want YOU to be the authority on the subject.

When I Was a Kid…

It used to be, back when I first wrote the SEO book, that there were a list of things that they looked for.

If you could duplicate those things correctly, then you won the SEO game.

Get links. Pick good keywords. Optimize your site.

Those things still work, so some degree, but there are no tricks any more. You can’t buy SEO. You can’t sprinkle it on top.

Gone are the formulaic solutions. Gone are the “10 easy steps”. There are no shortcuts. There are no quick solutions. There are no easy answers.

What Can You Do?

Work at it. Take your time and work at it. Then work at it some more.

There are simple 3 steps, but they aren’t easy ones.

1. Write great original content.
2. Share your content with other people.
3. Get people to link to it.

I’ll go into more detail in the future about what each of these mean, and how to do them effectively.

For now, realize that you should be writing blog posts about your keywords on a regular schedule.

What? You don’t have a blog yet?

Go to and get one, for free, right now.

Doesn’t matter what it looks like.

Don’t pay for any upgrades!

Just get started.

I’ll wait here, in the cabin, until you get back.

5 Responses to SEO is Dead! Long Live SEO!
or How To Fix Your SEO

  1. Lisa says:

    I have a blog, but don’t find things to write about daily, and have long stretches of no writing at all. I’m not a writer i struggle with writing I am a visual artist.
    Glad you are back at it.
    Your cabin could use some furniture and maybe some hand blown glasses.

    • Conrad Walton says:

      What? You don’t think that folding camping chairs are good enough? 🙂

      It’ll take time to furnish it. I’m just glad I can take a hot shower now.

      You don’t have to write once a day, but establish some schedule and keep to it.

      Once a week, or a month is fine.

      Describe your products. Talk about your process or what excites you.

      I’ll be writing a post on how to get subjects for your blog. It’s coming.

      Yes. Maybe some handblow glass would be nice!

  2. susi j says:

    Lovely, lovely cabin!

    Glad you are back. I really need the help. The views to my shop have died!

    I really appreciate the help you give … and in simple language that this “creative” but not analytic mind can understand.

  3. Lisa says:

    Looking forward to seeing more about writing.

  4. jill brock says:

    I’m so glad you’re back! Your cabin looks wonderful, a terrific get away.

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