Life and Death Threats

Death threats

Recently, I received an email from a well known female blogger saying that she had received death threats.

She said there was a “Mean Site 1” that talked to a “Mean Site 2” and both of them threatened to kill her or do her harm.

She was targeted because trolls on the Internet don’t like successful women, she said. She quoted specific excerpts from the offending site, proving that they threatened to kill her.

This was horrible! I was outraged.

Background Check

Because of my deep cynicism and morbid curiosity, I wanted to check to see what these “Mean Sites” had actually written. It’s always good to double check what anyone says on the Internet.

After a quick search, I found the obvious “Mean Site 2”. They were, in fact, mean.

I read in amazement that this “Mean Site” was not actually threatening anything close to death.

The quotes that were used by the female blogger were taken so far out of context that they were meaningless.

The female blogger had lied. Big, obvious lies.

Sex! Murder! Money!

As I read more and more into the background of what happened, who said what, and who did what, I found the story of a possible affair, a husband leaving his wife and family, an actual premeditated murder by a hired killer that someone is serving time for, tax fraud, fake death threats, and money making scams that target defenseless women through deception on the Internet.

I was more shocked at the truth than I was at the original lie.

I will give you links to all of the offending, and offensive, sites and blog posts at the end so you can go read as much about it as you want.

The Truth About Mean Site 2

Mean Site 2 was actually a site that targeted “scammers”. Their goal was to take down, expose, and humiliate, anyone who who took advantage of people for financial gain.

They are, in fact, mean about doing that. They use profanity, insults, and name calling.

The Mean Site 2 was scheduled to expose the female blogger’s scams, so she had struck first in the court of public opinion with her email.

There was no threat at all.

The most damaging excerpt that she quoted was not even about her. It was a satire, written about other people. She took other quotes so far out of context, well, you’ll just have to go read them.

They were not threatening her with death. They were saying that she’s a liar, a scammer, and takes financial advantage of vulnerable women.

The Scam

In simple terms, the general scam that everyone uses is that if you buy my product, then you will have whatever you want, but the product is worthless.

It’s the classic “snake oil” sales pitch.

A lot of people want to believe that SEO, or Internet Marketing, or blogging, can make you all the money that you want. Scammers sell books and training on how to do those things.

The victim spends money on the training/books/coaching or whatever, but is never successful.

The best way to make money on the Internet is to teach other people that the best way to make money on the Internet is teaching other people the best way to make money on the Internet.

The Secret and Oprah Winfrey

The biggest target of Mean Site 2 is James Arthur Ray. He was part of the book The Secret, which was featured on Oprah. Huge seller. This guys is famous.

The Secret is basically a bunch of cobbled together religious sounding, philosophical crap. Believe in yourself, imagine the possibilities, if you can visualize it, then it will come true, etc., etc.

(I visualized that I could fly when I was 10 and jumped off the garage roof. That didn’t end well.)

James Arthur Ray used Oprah’s support to build a following that he sold books, tapes, and personal appearances to.

Ultimately, he took $10,000 from each person who attended a week long retreat, where everyone was to be enlightened. Part of the program was a “sweat lodge” experience.

3 people ended up dead.

James Arthur Ray was convicted on three counts of negligent homicide.

I don’t think he ever visualized that.

Internet Marketing

This whole story really hit me hard (not the James Ray thing, the email death threat thing). I know, and have bought products from, some of the people involved. I’ve had email conversations with them and their friends.

I’ve also written a book that I will sell to you on Internet Marketing. I have one on SEO. Both of those books have great information in them and, I think, are worth the money.

The information that I’ve sold people is accurate and valuable, but I wondered if I crossed an ethical line too.

I know, from people’s questions and comments and emails, that most people who buy my books never get around to doing anything about them.

I get to take their money, but nothing really happens after that, for most people.

Most people are lazy, looking for easy solutions. (I know I am.)

If only we can buy the right book, or watch the right video, then we’ll be successful.

The Secret To Making Money On The Internet

There really are principles and methods that you can use to make more money on the Internet. There is a secret to being successful and making money.

It’s hard work.

Take good solid information and work hard at it, consistently, for a long time.

That’s true. I’ve done it. I know other people who have done it.

My Future, My Life

But am I taking unfair advantage of people’s hopes and dreams by selling them something they will never use?

I don’t know.

I’ve decided that I will concentrate on providing good, solid information and stay away from the unicorns and rainbows.

Your success will be based on your efforts and hard work.

I give you the map. You drive the car.

My background is in web development and marketing. I know about SEO.

I will not be building any more web sites for clients.

I will be creating a series of video based training modules.

They will cover everything you need to know to set up a WordPress web site, then use it to market products. SEO and Internet marketing will be covered.

I Need Your Help!

I’d like to know what you want to learn about. Please tell me your greatest needs. What do you have the most trouble with? What do you want to know?

I’ll create the training videos and put them up for free for everyone. After I see how people react to them, I’ll take them behind a pay wall, leaving only samples available for free.

Anyone who gives me feedback or input, or talks to me nicely, will get a discount or free access or something. Not sure how it will all work yet.

I just want to get it out there and see what happens.

Thanks for your help and support with everything.

The Links To All The Drama

OK. I know you want to go read the juicy stuff.

Warning that everything on the Salty Droid site contains profanity and offensive stuff, but not lies.

Original Naomi email, Aug 29:
Death Threats and Hate Crimes, Attacks On Women Bloggers Escalating

The Salty Droid post that provoked the email, Aug. 24:
The IttyBiz Spider

Blog post that contains “death threats” (actually pretty funny), Aug. 27:
10 Easy Steps to Professional Blogging

Salty Droid’s response to the email, Aug. 30:
Naomi Dunford’s Death Threats and Hate Crimes

Second blog post describing the “Mean Site 1”, Aug. 31:
Letter to Two Dave Navarros

Naomi’s response. Aug. 31:
Sometimes The Bad Guys Win

The big blog post that exposes everything, Sep. 1:
Spider Sh*t Storm

This is “Mean Site 1”. I had no idea that it was “mean” after reading it:
Letters To Dave Navarro

Feel free to poke around the Salty Droid site. Amazing stuff in there.

Remember that criticism is not a death threat. Disagreement is not hate. Name calling is not libel.

Most of all, remember that unicorns are not real.

4 Responses to Life and Death Threats

  1. Hi Conrad, I don’t know how i happened upon this site and I almost didn’t read this article because the beginning sounded more like a bad thriller, but i’m glad I did. I like your style and integrity!
    I was just talking to a friend last night who was going on with the same “market your stuff on the internet, find your niche, the world’s your oyster” stuff and i was trying to explain to him that the only people(slight exaggeration) who are making money are the people teaching/facilitating everybody else how to make money, and fair play to them, if we fall for it over and over, maybe we should regard it as what Ben Goldacre might call a “stupidity tax”.
    Oh, and i can’t tell how old your post is, if i thought it was current i would submit a few ideas on what i might want to know about wordpress.

  2. Phyllis Hall says:

    Hi Conrad,
    Bonnie Bright suggested I give you a call for a job quote/or advice, because I am redoing my website and the web developer quote I received is charging an additional $500 for programming the site in Word Press (verses HTML). I am a website novice and need to make a smart decision. I also understand the SEO will be important to the sales I can generate and was hoping to get some advice from you. It appears that this form is the only way to reach you, but I would appreciate hearing back from you, if you have the time and interest, please call me at 760.518.3800 asap. Thank you, Phyllis Hall

    PS Bonnie illustrated my bedtime story, With Me Always, and she also designed the website is currently being updated. Bonnie said I need a web developer who can create a shopping cart.

  3. Gemma says:

    Just arrived on this site from Third Tribe.

    With regards to the crazy female blogger you mentioned, one word comes to mind. FEAR.

    But, as for The Secret – personally, hands on heart, it works very well for me when I use it in the right way aka sensibly.

    I started using it for small things months ago which has worked for me really well. Now I’m working up to using it for bigger things.

    No kudos for James Arthur Ray. However, he is human and therefore he is allowed to make mistakes. 😉

    • Conrad Walton says:

      No on is allowed to mislead people, take their money by promising what they can not deliver, and put them into a dangerous place where they end up dead.

      No one is “allowed” to make a mistake that kills someone. No one.

      Try leaving your child in the car on a hot day and killing them. Are you allowed to do that?

      As for The Secret, it’s all a lie. Whatever you think “works for you” is wishful thinking. It’s about self fulfilling prophesy.

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