The Best Part Of Third Grade

The best part of third grade is recess.

The best part of third grade is recess.

With this house deal about done, I’ll be taking a break from “Untangling The Web” for a while.

It will probably be two or three months before I get back into the groove of writing weekly blog posts.

Old Articles

I know you’ll miss me, but I’m sure you’ll be tough enough to make it through the night.

Maybe I’ll post links each week to old articles you may have missed.

Floating Ideas

I’ve got a lot of ideas floating around in my head.

I think the time away might allow them to blossom into great, new ways to help you make more money from your business.

I’d love to hear what you are thinking.

I want to know how I can best help you.

What is your biggest problem?

What is your biggest question?

What is your biggest need?

Please click here to send me an email and tell me.

My break is from writing, not from reading email.

Your ideas, mixed into my ideas, might make some pretty good soup.

See you in September.

2 Responses to The Best Part Of Third Grade

  1. Phyllis says:

    Good luck with the transition. Enjoy some time off. And when you are back, I’d say the biggest problem I face now is the incredible blow of making an effort to send a communication to my list, or posting a new blog post, or putting something on FB, only to hear crickets at the other end.
    The let-down is huge and makes it very difficult to keep getting up and dusting myself off and trying again.

  2. i hope you are back soon ‘cuz I’m having withdrawl symptoms!!!

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