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SEO Case Study – How To Get More Traffic, Part One

You’re probably tired of hearing about ambiguous Internet Marketing strategies for the last 4 posts, so it’s time to get down to the roots of SEO and talk about some specific tactics that you can use to get more traffic … Continue reading

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My Own Medicine

What About Me? I know I’ve been bugging you about “telling your story” as part of your marketing. I bought Johnny B Truant’s course in “StorySelling” (affiliate link). I’ve learned a lot and preached a lot about it. I know … Continue reading

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Why School Teachers Should Be Paid Less

I always hear people say that teachers should be paid more because they are taking care of our children, our most precious future, the most important job of all. I think they should be paid less, and here’s why. An … Continue reading

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Storyselling 101 | Johnny B. Truant

I’ve learned a TON of stuff from this program. If you want a better understanding of the stuff I’ve been talking about recently, please go read this page. Johnny’s kind of a colorful character, so you may read some words … Continue reading

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The 5 Lies of Entrepreneurship | Remarkable Communication

If you are starting, or trying to start, your own business, you may want to read this entire article. Good stuff. I like Sonia’s approach to these issues. This series is free. I was past 40 before it occurred to … Continue reading

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Beyond SEO 2: Selling Your Story, No Matter Who You Are

SEO just doesn’t work for some people. Either you will never own your keyword, because of too much competition, or you already own your keyword and need more traffic from some other source. What are you going to do? Beyond … Continue reading

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