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Beyond SEO, A Better Way For You To Get More Traffic

This question was asked in the forum yesterday. I think the problem is typical of a lot of people. The question, however, was not typical. Read it all. The thing is, right now, I am suffering from information overload. I … Continue reading

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My Sex Tape Nightmare

I took my wife’s car to the shop to get the oil changed. As I sat in the waiting room, there were piles of magazines that I never read, the kind you see in supermarkets as you check out. Let … Continue reading

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Johnny B Truant Pissed Me Off, So This Is What I Did

Johnny B Truant published a guest post that I wrote for him for Question The Rules. I’m excited! Thanks, Johnny! Go read the whole thing. Guest post by Conrad Walton I couldn’t believe it. So, I’m reading Naomi’s blog to … Continue reading

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The Biggest Business Mistake You Are Making Online

You are mistaken if you think that the traffic that you get from Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is like free money. It’s not. While it’s true that SEO will get more people in the door of your web site and … Continue reading

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Please unsubscribe. How to focus your marketing efforts to make more money.

Sonia Simone’s Remarkable Marketing Blueprint has taught me a lot about marketing. One of the first lessons is about creating your perfect customer. I brushed over it when I first joined, but recently went back and really listened to it. … Continue reading

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Why Your Website is More Valuable Than Facebook | Van SEO Design

This is some good advice. Worth the read to understand the concepts they discuss regarding your own web site compared to using Facebook. Many local only businesses still forego developing a site for their business, restaurants especially. Some, having heard … Continue reading

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