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How Old Is That Thing?

And it makes it clear to businesses that if you are still driving around a 1994 Web site that it’s starting to look as old and crusty as a 1994 car is about now. Executives understand this. It’s a rare … Continue reading

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Helicopters, Commercials, and The Beach

I’m riding my bike at the beach today, like I do multiple times a week, and the parking lot where I park is filled up with TV crew trucks. I find a new place to park and go do my … Continue reading

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10 Golden Rules of the Internet

Go read these rules. They are correct for any one person, but more importantly for any small or local business that wants to make their way in the world of the Internet. They were true in 1994 and they are … Continue reading

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Local Business Center User Guide

Google has provided a way for you to manage how your business appears on Google Maps. You should use this tool so that your business is information is complete and accurate. It’s free and easy to use. Why would you … Continue reading

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Good Web Design – For Beauty Or For Business? commented on an article, so I checked out his site. Looks like he has a bunch of good advice. This article is near and dear to my heart. Go read it. I recently had someone ask me to make … Continue reading

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What You Need, Here and Now

Recently, we had a 4.7 earthquake. The epicenter was 4 miles from my house and 8 miles deep. I was working quietly on my computer in my office, while my lovely wife was watching TV in the bedroom. When it … Continue reading

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What is the Best and Simplest Way to SEO My Site?

In doing research and testing to find out what works and what doesn’t in SEO, one concept keeps coming up. It’s very straight forward. It makes sense. It’s easy to do. Well, maybe not easy, but it’s not complicated. It’s … Continue reading

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Random Sightings

Last Friday night, we were driving down PCH and passed a bus going the other way. It was half full of older people, mostly with gray hair. The destination at the top of the front of the bus read “NOWHERE”. … Continue reading

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Winners and Losers

I own the site at I make some money from advertising and try to create as much content as I can by linking to other people who also talk about the show. Last night was the finale, which really … Continue reading

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The basics, folks, the basics…

My wife and I got to take a day off, so we drove up the coast to Carpenteria to check out antique stores (of course). The night before we left, like a good web developers wife, she checked Google for … Continue reading

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