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Google Webmaster Tools I figured out why my niche site went back down in the rankings. Oh. Didn’t I tell you that? I was hoping that it would bounce back on it’s own, so I was waiting to see what would happen. … Continue reading

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How Much Is A Domain Name Worth?

A domain name is worth whatever it takes to acquire it from it’s current owner. Is it worth that much to you? Maybe not. The primary areas where there is value in a domain name for a business owner is … Continue reading

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Why Are You Here?

This post has nothing to do with SEO, web development, or small businesses. If you are a small business, get a web site. Now, back to what I want to say. I was talking with a friend the other day. … Continue reading

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Search Engine Results Pages = SERPs Who knows what magic algorithm Google uses to calculate what to return on those search pages? I’ve read about them. I’ve studied them. I’ve tested them. I don’t understand them. The more I know, … Continue reading

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Costa Mesa

Just wanted to point out that the fair grounds where we saw the cool cars last week is the exact same place that Obama spoke yesterday. I like the cars better.

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Hot Rods and Hackers

We went for a drive on Saturday. I knew there was a car show at the Orange County Fair Grounds, but I didn’t want to spend the money or the time walking around in the hot sun. We ended up … Continue reading

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What Keywords Should I Target?

I’ve been doing some research on keywords for a couple clients and for a couple of my own sites. It’s amazing what sites are out there and just how many of them. It’s frustrating to think that you can pick … Continue reading

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I’ve been building web sites since 1994, back when each page was lovingly hand crafted and slowly placed in the server. Web sites are in my blood. I’ve grown old with HTML. I’m so intimately involved in web sites that … Continue reading

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