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I built a site for a Christian Rock and Roll music label, Rugged Records, back in about 1996.

fulllogoThey had one main rival, Tooth and Nail Records.

In those days, back when Yahoo was on a computer sitting on Jerry’s Yang’s desk, the way the search engines, I mean, the Internet directories, could tell what your site was about, was to read the “meta tags”, where you described what it was about.

If you were a good person, you would use accurate tags to describe your site.

Of course, I put the main rival’s name in our tags. Search for the rival, and our site came up.


They sent an angry email and we took that down.

Google came along and for the next ten years or so, decided to look at the words on your site and who links to your site to decide what your site was about.

Brilliant idea.

How can we break it?

You add the right keywords on your own site, then get people to link to your site using the right anchor text and bam!, you nailed it.

Game on!

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How To Create Your Own Online Store Was Dying

Google killed my site at with some of their changes.

Moved from positon 2 on the first page to page six.

The Survivor TV show was on the decline anyway.

(Yes, it’s still on TV, Weds. at 8pm. and I still love it.)

I made a ton of money on advertising on that site, but the party was over.

I had to come up with a new use for the domain name, a new way to make money from it.

I started thinking about what relates to the word “survivor”.

Cancer Survivor?

There was “cancer survivor”, and I really considered doing a support site, making money from advertising.

I’ve lost a couple people in my life to cancer, so I wasn’t thrilled with that idea, as much as I’d like to support them.

Then, in a random conversation with a stranger, the idea of “prepping” came up.

Preppers are the guys who build bunkers in the wilderness in preparation for the End Of The World As We Know It, or the coming Apocalypse.

Those guys are crazy.

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Space Shuttle at Randy’s Donuts

Completely unrelated to anything else on this site, but I had to post these photos.

It was a once in a lifetime moment.

Randy’s donuts has the best apple fritters in the world.

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7 Blog Topics You Can Write About

The man walked up on my back porch in the dark, searching with his flashlight, when I realized that the flashlight was attached to a gun.

You want to find out what happened? Keep reading.

Oh, and always open your blog posts with a hook.

Why Should I Write?

Every time I tell you to write more posts in your blog, you ask “What am I supposed to write about?”

First, let me explain the benefits of writing blog posts.

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The Tortoise and the Hair

(…I have long hair…)

On our way back from the cabin in Arizona last week, I was driving 80 mph down highway 60, past Salome and halfway to Hope, (note that it was not beyond Hope…)

I saw a brown bump in the middle of the road, sitting right on the white line.

It was a tortoise.

If it stayed there, I’m sure some idiot driving too fast would crush it.

We stopped, backed up, (scraped the side of my pick up truck on a road side sign that I didn’t see) and parked on the shoulder next to the tortoise.

I walked out and picked him up, just as another pick up truck came by at 80 mph. (Idiot.)


After my wife took some photos (I mean, how often do you get to see a desert tortoise?) I set him back down, pointed away from the road, pointed towards the scrub bushes and hot rocks and cactus he calls home.

He ran off, literally, into the sunset.

I’d like to believe he is now living a good life out there, because that way I have a great illustration for this post…

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SEO is Dead! Long Live SEO!
or How To Fix Your SEO


There have been a lot of changes in my life in the last year and a half, but there have been even more changes in the world of SEO.

Is SEO still worth learning about?

Yes, but first, let’s talk about me…

We’ve been having work done on our cabin in Arizona by a contractor.

My hatred for contractors has not diminished.

Contractors and used car salesmen.

We did find a good contractor in the end, but it was like watching reality TV shows.

You gotta watch a lot of Honey Boo Boo before you find Deadliest Catch.

It’s taken up all of my emotional energy for the last 6 months, managing the project from another state.

No decks yet. The exterior isn’t all painted, but I can take a shower and the doors lock.

The heat works.

I must say that just sitting in the cabin, looking out at the trees, in silence, is an amazing experience.

It’s one that I’m not used to, living near Los Angeles.

We really love our cabin.

Now that I’m getting over that project, it’s time to turn back to what I love, writing this blog and teaching.

What Happened To SEO?

Over a year ago, my Survivor “fan site”, at, just died in the search engine results.

Overnight, it went from #2 on the first page to somewhere on page 6.

Traffic plummeted.

What happened?

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7 Reasons Why Blogging is Failing to Generate Leads For So Many Marketing Agencies

Although I’m a firm believer that some content is better than no content, the reality is the marketing industry is full of blogs that simply are boring with few opinions, no personal voice, and often times little thought provocation.

Read the entire article at:

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Holding A Sign, Yelling At Cars

Monday Morning

Took the dog to the park the other day, to poop him. Yes. I always carry bags.

That’ll fix everything…

Looking for a place to park, I drove by a young man, sitting on an orange plastic bucket right next to the curb, on Main Street.

He was holding up a sign and he yelled something at me as I drove by.

I didn’t understand what he said.

I parked a bit up the street.

Domino and I got out and we did what we do.

I stood still, bored, while he ran in circles around me.

I walked around a bit and watched the young man.


He yelled at every car that drove by.

That he picked this spot, on this day, baffled me.

It was not a good place to yell at cars from. There was no stop sign, no reason for cars to slow down or pay attention to him.

It was a Monday, around 11am. I mean, come on…Monday?

His sign was handmade on cardboard. It was hard to read. The legibility was really bad.

I only understood what he was yelling as I got closer to him in the park. I’m sure that cars driving by had no idea what he was saying.

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I Don’t Need Your Money

I never thought anything like this would happen.


The last 10 or 15 years have been taken up with the normal life struggles of trying to survive while taking care of family members and paying the mortgage.

I was trying to make a buck like everyone else.

Then everything changed.

The short version of the story starts with a phone call from a lawyer.

His client wants to buy a domain name I owned.

We settle on the price of $200,000.

Next, my wife inherits a house which we sell for $1,100,000.

That’s “one point one million”.

Since it’s an inheritance, there is no tax on it.

We Spent Money.

We paid off debts, fix up the house, invest in some solid investments.

We bought a cabin in the mountains. This is officially part of “living the dream”.

We also bought a 1955 Chevy Bel Air, 2 door, Sport Coupe.


We are Christians and believe in “tithing”, which is giving 10% of your income back to charity.

My choice was to pay for a “Sand Dam” and water well in Kenya.

This is a photo of the actual project that we paid for.

Those are the people that we impacted.

Please read about it and make your own donation. You can make any size donation.

I mean, this is literally saving lives and changing the world.

My wife loves donkeys, so her choice was to buy 40 donkeys through World Vision.

If you want to buy someone a chicken or a bunny, this is the place to do it.

Please click here and donate to World Vision.

Again, saving lives and changing the world.

How cool is that?

Oh, and we got a dog.

His name is Domino.

(Note the name tag.)

Coolest dog in the world.

Border Collie mix.

Adopted from a rescue.

What’s Next?

We have money left over.

Now, a million bucks isn’t what it used to be.

I can’t say that all of our money problems are over for the rest of our lives, but we should be fine for a for a few years at least.

My point in telling you all this is that I want you to believe me when I say:

I Don’t Need Your Money.

I have an opportunity that most people never get.

I can start a business and if I don’t make money, I don’t care.

Anything I do now, will be for free.

My immediate goal is to try stuff and see what works.

I love to teach and write and help people.

I haven’t been paying close attention to SEO for the last year, so I’ll get caught up on that.

The SEO world has changed a bunch in 2011 and I’ve been personally impacted by those changes.

(I’ll tell you that story later.)

I DO Need Your Help!

You can help me by telling me what you need.

These are possibilities that I'm considering.
Pick As Many As You Want.

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

If you want to be more specific, please leave me a comment or send me an email through the contact form.

It’s about time to get this party started again and I need you to tell me how I can help you.

I’ll be sitting on the cabin porch, waiting.

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Life and Death Threats

Death threats

Recently, I received an email from a well known female blogger saying that she had received death threats.

She said there was a “Mean Site 1” that talked to a “Mean Site 2” and both of them threatened to kill her or do her harm.

She was targeted because trolls on the Internet don’t like successful women, she said. She quoted specific excerpts from the offending site, proving that they threatened to kill her.

This was horrible! I was outraged.

Background Check

Because of my deep cynicism and morbid curiosity, I wanted to check to see what these “Mean Sites” had actually written. It’s always good to double check what anyone says on the Internet.

After a quick search, I found the obvious “Mean Site 2”. They were, in fact, mean.

I read in amazement that this “Mean Site” was not actually threatening anything close to death.

The quotes that were used by the female blogger were taken so far out of context that they were meaningless.

The female blogger had lied. Big, obvious lies.

Sex! Murder! Money!

As I read more and more into the background of what happened, who said what, and who did what, I found the story of a possible affair, a husband leaving his wife and family, an actual premeditated murder by a hired killer that someone is serving time for, tax fraud, fake death threats, and money making scams that target defenseless women through deception on the Internet.

I was more shocked at the truth than I was at the original lie.

I will give you links to all of the offending, and offensive, sites and blog posts at the end so you can go read as much about it as you want.

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